Taking Advantage of the Digital Media

The rapid shift away from traditional media to a computer mediated society calls for reasons as to how well and not how far these digital technologies are effectively put to use.

As it is obvious that particularly youths today have become adept with the online community, a large percentage spend so much of time frolicking around texting, video streaming and social interactions. Of which on the contrary, the internet offers lot more opportunity that they could think of.

Taking Advantage of the Digital Media

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Being online isn’t enough

The digital world provides a new kind of horizon which only few people understand. Being online isn’t enough to show that you’re a digitally proficient.  The essence of being digital allows you to pilot the web and exploit your opportunities.  The white collar job you seek today requires your ability and potential to possess the quality needed to operate digitally, as most organizations are fast growing with the wave of trend. In years from now it would interest you to know that organizations would only exist online and at this point what would matter most are those digital skills.

Why You Need to Take Advantage of the Digital Media

Skills Acquisition: There’s more than enough to learn on the web. It gives you greater opportunity to develop a wide range of sophisticated new literacy and skills that would enable you function in today’s contemporary society. Across sectors, companies hiring today see these digital skills as a hot sauce so don’t be left out.

Exposure: Your ability to gain skills through self-learning and identify skills gaps is the kind of experience the internet provides. This way it makes a difference to your employability. You become increasingly valuable across different functions.

Expand your network: you’re able to reach out to millions of people, with just a click, so why not expand your network. Showcase your creativity, sell your art. Your work travels across audiences who could appreciate them more, which is why it is important to connect by carving a niche for yourself.


I remember a friend’s experience at an interview recently; he was out rightly declined a position. According to them ‘‘because you’re connected to the web doesn’t make you digitally competent’’. Now today Sola is driving towards becoming a digital media expert, irrespective of the field. Did I forget to mention how much of revenue one can generate through digital media?  As this is the part where it gets interesting for many; digital media drives a huge chunk. It is important to manage your visibility and social relation online.

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