Stop focusing on obstacles and start looking for opportunities

One of the major reasons for stagnation or inability to achieve our dreams in life is that we tend to be focusing on obstacles more. A lot of people would have started their own business, but instead of looking for the means, they rather focus on obstacles such as startup fund, competition, right location and so many others.

Stop focusing on obstacles and start looking for opportunities

While am not advocating that you neglect the present or potential challenges in your quest to achieve your desires, but you should not allow them to deter you. There is no harm in knowing the obstacles ahead of time, but you shouldn’t dwell so much on them.

The problem is that we want to achieve great things in life, but instead of searching for means to achieve our desires, we are preoccupied with the obstacles along the way. I have never done this before? Getting a nice location for my business is very expensive? How on earth do I raise the needed capital? I cannot afford this or that! Company ABC is in the same line of business and their customers are happy with them?

When you are preoccupied with these kinds of thoughts, how on earth can you even start that your dream business. Where would you derive the strength to go after your dreams? Even if, one way or the other, you eventually start that business, there is a very slim chance that you will ever succeed.

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Stop dwelling on obstacles

No doubt, life is full of obstacles and if ever you will achieve anything worthwhile, you must meet obstacles. What separates achievers from the rest is that while others focus on these obstacles, achievers look the other way. It’s not like they are ignorant or indifferent about them, but they choose not to focus on them. Yes, they know that obstacles are there, but they are more focused on results, than the obstacles. Obstacles come and go, if only you choose to ignore them.

There is opportunity in every situation

No matter how dare the situation is, if you look close enough, you will find opportunities in there. There is a saying that there is a silver lining on every cloud. If only you could understand that nothing good comes easy, you will overlook whatever seeming challenge that may appear to deter you from going after your goals.

Instead of looking at the challenges, look close enough to find out the available opportunities that you can cease. Let your current predicaments be your driving force. Don’t allow your predicaments to sway you from pursuing your desires, instead, leverage on them until you achieve whatsoever you are after.

Be positive no matter the what you are passing true

Our life is shaped to a great extent on what we think. If you want your life to become very miserable, just concentrate on negative things alone. In the same manner, if you want to enjoy life to the fullest, accomplishing whatever you set your mind to achieve, focus on positive things. No matter how bad the situation is, there will always be something good in it.

Like I said earlier, if your thoughts are full of negativity, you will never be able to see goodness in every situation you find yourself. That is why it’s important you guard your thoughts. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from people who talk negative and then on your own part, ensure that you think positive at all times. From time to time, monitor your thoughts and ensure that they are positive ones.

Act fast when you see any opportunity

Whenever opportunity presents itself to you, as fast as you can cease the opportunity. It’s said that opportunity comes only but once. Avoid delays whenever opportunity surfaces. I am a strong believer of fast execution. Am a kind of person who is anxiously waiting for a glim of opportunity to act. Sometimes, if I find myself in a difficult situation, I may not be in a very good mood, but only one thing can set me free: a slight opportunity to get out of the current situation.

I don’t advise you to take uncalculated risks, but when you find yourself in a position where the available options are limited, you have no option than to make the most of the available options. Follow your guts, and most times, you will always be right.

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