Speed lane to Poverty: 4 common lifestyles to avoid

A lot of times, you find people that have lived in abject poverty throughout the life. They have sworn never to get back to poverty, if for any reason, their financial situation reverse. However, with only a glimpse of wealth, most of them quickly forget their previous situations (which they hated so much), and their vows, only to lose the wealth completely within the shortest period of time.

Speed lane to Poverty: 4 common lifestyles to avoid

What could be the reason for this? Does it mean that they have forgotten the sufferings and hardships they experienced before? Were they blindfolded or simply foolish?

To simply put, a lot of people becomes overwhelmed by sudden wealth or change in financial condition. Consequent upon this, so many things in their lives changes so fast, including their circle of friends, neighborhood, dressing and so many other things. For once, they experience the power of money first hand. Off course, with money, almost everything is possible.

They experience the false illusion that “Who God has blessed; no one can curse”. They spend recklessly without thinking, hoping that there would always be unending stream of income. Sometimes, spending to impress others or to fit into their new cliché. They immerse themselves into unhealthy lifestyle that quickly drains money out of them. I have been able to identify 4 lifestyles to avoid, if, you will ever be able to accumulate or multiply your wealth.


A trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. It could be fashion or entertainment. In my own understanding, a trend is a popular lifestyle, which a greater part of the society craves for in order to be fully accepted. If you don’t meet up with the trend, it means that you are old-fashioned or not up to standard.

In our society with so many things trending, like certain brands of mobile phones, cars, shoes/snickers, clothes and so on, if, you are not so careful, you might be forced to make certain bad financial decisions in order to meet up with the trend. Due to the fact that you don’t want to look unpopular before your peers or circle of friends, you are tempted or coerced to make terrible decisions.

I am not implying that you should stay away from trends, instead, to be careful not to allow trends to tear you apart financially. Buy things you can comfortably afford to buy and not to impress others.


It’s true that human beings are insatiable. We naturally crave for things we need and things we don’t necessarily need, solely for self-gratification purposes. We crave for material things just in the same manner we lust after the opposite sex, for sexual exploits, only to dump them later.

Some people can never be satisfied. They crave for more, not because they needed whatever they seek, but to know how it feels. For example, I know some people who go shopping without any specific thing in mind. They buy clothes or gadgets they may never wear or use. They buy whatever seem to captivate them, simply because they can afford them or because it makes them feel good. Some the items they purchase ends up in the trash after long periods of non-use. We create lots of unnecessary wastages.

As human, we naturally lust for certain things that doesn’t really matter, but that’s not the best. We should be prudent in every aspect of our lives. We should imbibe the habit of always things that we really need, save or invest the rest.

Quick Rich Schemes

Our society has been marred with the syndrome of get rich quick mentality. We want quick results. We seem to have lost touch with the virtue of patience and that is the reason why some individuals frequent the church in anticipation of miraculous wealth. Some people jump from one business to another or from one job to the other, because they are not patient enough to advance to grow in that business or job. They are so shortsighted that when they don’t see imminent huge breakthrough, they switch.

All over the world, especially in Nigerian society, sudden wealth is celebrated and so many people want to give their own testimonies. Ironically, sudden wealth rarely happens and when it does, it disappears quickly. So many people have caged themselves in poverty in anticipation of sudden wealth or by involvement in quick rich schemes.

A lot of people have lost their hard earned wealth from quick rich schemes. So many Nigerians can testify to the damages or loses they experienced by patronizing numerous Ponzi schemes trending in the country between ending of last year and early this year. So many people lost their fortunes. Others are heavily indebted as they borrowed money to invest in these Ponzi schemes.

If don’t want to get poor quickly, avoid quick rick schemes. Embrace the virtues of hard work, diligence, and patience.

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The kind of friends you keep determines the extent you will go in life. Your life is a reflection of the kinds of people you have as friends. If you keep friends that are prudent, chances are that you too will be prudent. On the other hand, if you keep friends that are extravagant, you are highly likely to be extravagant.

There are people who came from poor background, after years of hard work, they became successful. Off course, there are challenges that comes with wealth. You are exposed to different class of people. You circle of friends begins to change, good and bad. Before you know what is happening, you start doing certain things you never imagined you would ever do. If you are unlucky to be hanging out with bad friends, you will be exposed to dangerous habits that could destroy you. They will initiate you into life of promiscuity, alcoholism, heavy spending, among other things.

When you are distracted from your business or career, you are moving on a speed lane to poverty. Be wary of the kind of people you keep as friends. If they don’t make you spend more than make, they may get you distracted from even making money.

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