The new mindsets to play the game of business

Though everyone can do it, but business is not for feeble minded. Time has gone when people start up business, hoping just to survive. You have to transcend beyond surviving to thriving. When you venture into business with the mindset of survival or trying to get the ends meet, not so long you will be forced out of business.

The new mindsets to play the game of business

We live in a very dynamic world, where changes happen at a very fast pace, business nevertheless is not an exception. Market forces are so fierce and volatile. New technologies are emerging at the speed of light, replacing the traditional or popular choices. Global politics and interests are shifting. So many businesses are shutting now on daily basis. Yet, so many are soaring higher and higher too.

It’s like a game requiring certain mindsets in order to win. In order words, you’ve got to the prepared, determined, and equipped with right knowledge, skills and aptitude to succeed. Like I always emphasize, success starts from the mind and then manifests physically for all to see. In the game of business, to survive, you need to keep the following in mind.

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Aim for excellence

Whether it is marketing, customer service, production or manufacturing, staff training or recruitment, you should aim for excellence. With every passing day, new products and services are streaming into the market with wonderful and exciting features. If you cannot be able to keep up with the speed, you will have a hard time staying in business. However, the only way to effectively compete is by aiming for excellence.

This doesn’t imply that you should copy others, or act out of impulse or in response to actions of your competitors. Taking business decisions on this premise is suicidal. In order words, you don’t have to take business decisions based on what your competitors are doing. Your business decisions should be anchored on excellence. You owe your customers excellent products and services, if possible surpassing their expectations. To me, this is the only way to emerge as a leader in your industry. As much as possible, try to beat your past achievements.

Don’t be trapped by success

Success is a wonderful thing but it comes with a downside, which is complacency. So many times, a lot of business sets up so well and achieve tremendous successes, and not so long, they seem to disappear. The reason is simple! Pride comes with success and once pride sets in, you become cocky and complacent. In your mind, you are far ahead of the competition, only to discover that you are not too far from your competition, when they overtake you.

More than ever, you must be hungry for success. No matter how much you have accomplished, you must remain paranoid. Don’t get trapped by success. Find ways to build upon your successes. Don’t allow yourself to stagnate, instead be moving higher and higher every passing day. Ensure that everyone in your organization is hungry for success. Make success a common thing in your organization, in the sense that it motivates them for strive for more.

Go Digital

Virtually everything is going digital. We are in the world whereby internet, social media, digital products and marketing, and so on has become the present and the future. For your business to succeed in this era, you have to move digital as well. A lot of people do virtually everything on the internet, news, entertainment, advertising, buying and selling. Some people spend almost all their time on the internet, using one digital product or the other. Some even seem to accept online stuffs (especially on social media) more than offline. It’s more or less like a virtual world and so many people are plugged into it.

In my own assessment, sooner, everything will be online and the earlier you queue into this area, the better for your business. This is the right time to make the move. Find ways to leverage on the internet and social media to achieve your organizational goals or objectives, whether is marketing, promotion, recruitment, or sales. Integrate social media and digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Don’t be left out. Go Digital!

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