Making your dreams come true amidst life’s challenges

We pass through different forms of challenges while trying to achieve our dreams or make our dreams come true. These challenges big or small, are inevitable and happens all the time. Though, most times, not premeditated, but it’s left for us to choose how to respond to them.

Making your dreams come true amidst life’s challenges

How we handle these challenges on our daily basis affects our overall wellbeing. In my experience, I found out that most of the time, we don’t have control over some circumstances we experience in life. Therefore, we shouldn’t allow them to consume us with anger, guilt, panic, fatigue and other negative emotions.

No matter your current circumstances, you should understand that these challenges sometimes help in shaping our purpose in life. As humans, we sometimes ask questions like: “Why me?”, “Why am I this foolish?”, “How do I stop this pain?”.

We may attempt to temporarily escape these challenges by indulging in habits such as alcoholism and substance abuse. Some might even contemplate committing suicide.

However, making our dreams come true amidst challenges requires us to accurately assess our present situation and proactively cope with them with unwavering faith, persistence and the mindset of victory.

In this article, I will be explaining to you, how to identify your deepest desires and turn them into realities, regardless of the circumstances you might find yourself in.

Sometimes ago, I sat down and asked myself, where I would find myself in next 10 years. Would I be fulfilled, spiritually, emotionally, financially and otherwise? I asked myself what I really wanted in life? Initially, I was clueless, but, not so long, so many ideas started rushing out of my mind. Then, I visualized how I would feel if I achieved these dreams. I began to feel better and suddenly I felt a surge of energy.

It’s true that we all have dreams, but it’s important that once in a while, you pause for a moment and think about them. Take a moment and just fantasize; let your mind wonder freely.

Most of the ground breaking inventions and technologies we enjoy today, once started as a thought in someone’s head.

The following are four points that matter so much to me, especially when faced with moments of challenge or difficulties:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Identifying personal values
  3. Identifying life’s purpose
  4. Have faith in oneself


Ask yourself what you really want. Write down what comes to your mind. Don’t worry if your list is long and rather muddled, you can organize them later. Think about all the major areas of your life, family, relationship career, spiritual development. What would you really love to happen in your life? What would you really like to learn? Which skill do you want to master? How much more do you want to accumulate? What character traits do you want to develop? What do you want to give back to the world?

Identifying personal values

Ask yourself what you stand to gain by achieving your goals? The reason for this is to discover the values that underpin your goals; to understand the essence of what really drives you and what is most important to you. Specific words or a phrases will come to your mind such as, security, sense of achievement, happiness, freedom and so on.

This is your most prized value. It’s at the very core of what drives you.

Identifying your purpose

Having goals is good and knowing what you value is important. To excel, you need to go beyond. Ask yourself what you feel really very passionate about and what you would choose to do if you had unlimited financial wealth. Answering these questions will help you to get an overall idea of what your life purpose is about.

Have faith in yourself

Believing that with faith you can make it; having hope that your faith can move mountain and having hope that it will happen is a key to success. Happiness stands for faith and faith stands for hope. Work hard as much as you can and you will see that the seemingly impossible things will become possible in your life. Go ahead and make your dreams come true in your life.

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