Instincts: More powerful than intellect

Unlike other managerial skills that are always spelled out, here is one that is not in the limelight as it should be and that is INSTINCTS. It is something that isn’t learnt or taught, it has no rules to its game, distinct, innate and comes naturally. It is mostly associated with the inner mind, speaking to you at all times, if you are attentive or observant enough.

Instincts: More powerful than intellect

Follow your guts

You may be familiar with the phrase, follow your guts! Right? So to say, it is that tiny voice in your head that tells you what to do. Everybody has instincts, but not so many have been able to hone this trait inherent in every animal, human beings included. This mystical inspiration which doesn’t give room for second guesses, behold is something I feel should be seen as very precious to those who have it.

So why is instinct so important after all? This revered gift of nature helps you act in situations of uncertainty, simple! In a situation that calls for quick decision making, your intrusive instinct is what is to lie on. It helps with your choices and decisions. In some cases, instincts point out the unforeseen where possible. Successful leaders today have been found to have strong intuitive elements. They relied on their ability to listen, reflect and go with their guts.

Following your hunch can lead you in the right direction, so you’ll need to trust it. Learning to trust it overtime leaves you with the ability to master your instincts which would always present itself as right almost all the time. However, when it is common sense that something is supposed to be done a particular way, don’t use your instinct as an excuse to do it the other way round. Learn to give a situation an initial response before diving into your own opinion.  Pay attention to your inner mind and understand when it speaks to you.

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 Intuition as more powerful than intellect

Sometimes you might find yourself thinking irrationally, and you end up being right. That is the kind of power that comes with being an intuitive thinker. It is sometimes not explainable. You need to pay consideration to it, as for a very strong intuitive entrepreneur, success lies ahead. Steve Jobs once described intuition as more powerful than intellect which goes to show the role of instincts. All those business questions as an entrepreneur, as to taking risks, direction and other difficulties faced needs an intervention of the mind and deep down your instinct is what helps you decipher in these circumstances.

Clear you head as much as you can, relax your mind, listen and focus. Reflect, evaluate and look at the picture holistically, just then your instincts stay true to you. It is important that you keep nurturing this sixth sense that is God given. It is what makes you stay spot-on in this world of business.

In my next post, I will be sharing practical insights on how you can hone and apply your instincts in your day to day personal and business decisions.

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