How to engage your customers

Communication is one sided and ineffective when it moves linearly from the sender to the receiver. To impact, you have to go beyond this linear approach, by disseminating information to inform as well engage. Whichever information you want to share, whether it is a press release, sales pitch, personal experience, it should be able to capture the audiences’ mind and get them to wonder, ponder, and respond. In essence, if you fail to get your audience react or respond to your message, then you are not engaging. To succeed as a digital marketer, you must master the art of engaging your customers.

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Communicating without engagement is just like talking to someone while the person remains mute. The person is listening to you, but does not respond. As such, you will not be able to ascertain whether you are being understood.

Digital marketing entails being able to spark curiosity excitement (positive or negative depending on your specific objectives) and even feedbacks. Because they find your information valuable, they would be compelled on their own to pass it along to others who will act on it, if for any reason they are not disposed enough to take your desired action. They may choose to share your information, write a review about it or talk about it.

Selling of course, is one of the most important tasks facing every digital marketer. You may have a product or service to sell online. First, you have to get your target audience to know about your products. However, the approach you take on this will determine whether the bottom line, which is sales. Some marketers might decide to make a post on their preferred social media platforms, describe their product features and benefits. No doubt, this will attract exposure, but might not produce the expected outcomes because it will be seen as a mere advert. The target audience will perceive it as a ploy designed to get money out of them.

Besides, posts like this sidelines the target audience without giving them rooms to contribute or engage with the marketer.

On the other hand, if the message is crafted with the audience in mind, giving them rooms to engage in a conversation with the marketer, the result will be desirable. As a matter of fact, if you fail to engage your target audience, you will not be able to make sales in the digital world.

Break it down

In order to engage your target audience, you must present the information in such a way that it will be easy to comprehend. It doesn’t need to be long and detailed to be easy to comprehend. First, you have to break it down in the simplest form, using plain, simple or unambiguous language. It has to be direct and straight to the point. The readers don’t have to stress themselves too much in order to understand what information you are trying to pass along.

Make it captivating

One of your ultimate goals as a digital marker is to get the attention of your target audience. Like never before, people are exposed to too much information in the social web, and to get the desired exposure or awareness, your posts have to be outstanding. It should be able to make them to pause to read or to view them.

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, your messages must be captivating. A catchy headline and attention-grabbing image or picture will do the magic. If your posts are captivating enough, the will be compelled to be part of the discussion by commenting or sharing them.

Question their beliefs

We all have certain beliefs that we hold so dear in our hearts. Most of the times, we never question this belief to discern their validity. If for any reason somebody questions this belief, we may become aggressive in defending it. We may choose to be indifferent in a lot of issues, but when it comes down to our core beliefs, we become vocal. The same reaction also happens when someone else validates our beliefs. On the contrary, instead of condemnation, we applaud.

You can take advantage of this in digital marketing. If your messages validate or contradict peoples’ beliefs, they will certain respond. However, you can play a double role on this by contradicting and at the same time validating their beliefs. This will make them wonder which side you stand. While doing this, try as much as possible not to appear manipulative, because they will certainly see through it.

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