Endless cycle of poverty: How to break it!

Typically, African parents work so hard to provide the best for their children. They deny themselves of luxuries (sometimes, basic necessities of life), just to make sure that their children do not have to suffer like they did. They provide them with good education, home training and basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.

Cycle of Poverty

Endless cycle of poverty: How to break it!

Though, they may have failed by every other standard, but they succeeded in raising independent and responsible children. Sadly, when their children are about to break through in whatever business or career they find themselves in, they become a burden on their children. While the children are struggling to make it big in life, they are distracted and pulled down, especially by huge financial demands from their parents, who have worked so hard to give them the life they enjoy. Off course, in African setting, parents train their children to look after them when they become old.

Perhaps, this is the reason why you see hard working young people with reasonable income, yet they have nothing to show for it, because a huge chunk of it is being used to take care of their parents, whom age is not on their side. You can imagine the cost of taking care of elderly people.

Instead of investing in their future, they are spending. Not so long, they enter into marriage, with another set of responsibilities on their face. Just like their parents, they work so hard to meet up with their family responsibilities, without adequate investment plans for themselves for future. The cycle of poverty continues like this generation to generation.

The truth is that there are two choices to make here. To follow the cycle or break out from the cycle. I prefer the later and below is how to break out from the cycle of poverty in families.

Be truthful about your financial condition

We live in a world where everybody sugar-coats everything. It’s called packaging. In order to avoid public ridicule or disapproval, we portray our life in ways that makes us appear richer, bigger or better than we really are.

We rent houses or buy cars that we cannot afford just to get acceptance from people. There are problems looming around us, yet we cannot be truthful or bold enough to ask for help. We try to solve other peoples’ problem because we cannot be bold enough to explain to them our own predicaments.

When you make yourself look bigger than you actually are, why wouldn’t your family expect so much from you? As a good child, you have no option than to appeal to their request. In the long run, the consequences of your actions will be borne by you alone.

Don’t try to impress anyone

It appears everyone wants to be noticed these days. We want to look attractive or glitzy before our peers. We want to impress our parents and make feel important before their peers.

Most people want to earn public respect and applaud using whatever means necessary. As a result, they are always looking out for every opportunity to outshine the other person. If your friend buys a car, you would want to buy a better one just to satisfy your ego. You want to show every other person that you are richer, classier and so on.

In my own point of view, trend is vague and meeting up with the trend is not a true definition of success. Living this kind of lifestyle draws you closer to poverty.

It’s suicidal to spend while you are still struggling to break through

Due to the fact that we don’t want our family and friends feel disappointed in us for failing to provide needed financial support, we find ourselves accepting responsibilities that are beyond our capabilities. A lot of times, we try to solve money-demanding family problems while our businesses are on the verge of collapse due to insufficient funding. This is the reason why some people allow their families to drain them off, financially. They are ashamed of letting their family know their true financial condition.

I usually advice people, to be careful the way they dab into family problems because it can swallow you. If you are not so careful, you will exhaust all your money, yet the problem remains unsolved. When you have depleted all your income, there is only one person to be blamed but you. Even your family will mock and blame you for acting foolishly.

Avoid being pushed around

You can never amount to anything if you allow yourself to be pushed around. Sometimes, when people push you around, you may not even know what is happening. Apart from forceful dictation from others, you can be pushed around by subtle advices you receive.

People can be so smart and deceptive in forcing you do things that you are not yet ready for in ways that appears as if it were you own ideas. They can play into your psychology and tempt you into making terrible life decisions. You may be living in a one room apartment, and someone begins to tell you how it would feel if you lived in a flat. Indirectly, they are presenting you with the comfort of living in a flat and at the same time making you question why you are not already living in such apartment since you can afford it.

People can take advantage of your ego to push you around. They can compare you with someone else, trying to make you get jealous or envious and as a result, compelling you into taking certain decisions that ordinarily you wouldn’t take.

Don’t rush into marriage

I know some people that became poor after marriage. Not necessarily because marriage is a bad thing or because they made a bad choice in their spouse. It’s simply because they are not ready financially before entering into marriage.

Some people could be making enough income to take care of only themselves. Maybe they are making a decent income, living in a nice apartment and driving a cool car. But, that is not enough.

Sometimes, we are deceived by the way people perceive us. Everybody might be telling you that you are old enough to get married and you are also rich. But, beyond the surface impression, you know the truth about your financial condition. Don’t let peoples’ impression about your push you into marriage, when you are fully aware that you not ready.

You should not allow your parents push you into marriage simply because they married at your age or they want you to get married because their friends’ children are married already.

If only you could imbibe these principles, you will find ourselves breaking out of the cycle of poverty roaming around your family. Some people may not like you, but in the end, they will celebrate you. Break out of cycle of poverty, and embrace wealth.

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