Businesses you can start with Capital as low as 100K

Capital has often been attributed as one of the major obstacles preventing so many people from venturing into business. Though, I have strong predispositions suggesting otherwise. But the reality, especially in Nigerian society, is that so many people are facing different forms of hardships that, raising capital can become so daunting.

It is even more frustrating with increasing mindset of huge startup capital, running in millions of Naira. To be blunt, the measure of your startup capital determines the growth rate for your business. However, huge capital does not guarantee success and sustainability of a business.

Businesses you can start with Capital as low as 100K

I am not here to lecture you about startup capital, rather to enlighten you on some businesses that you can start with as low as one hundred thousand Naira.

It doesn’t matter how much you started your business with. What matters is what you could be able to make out it or how fast you could be able to multiply it.


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Website Design

Internet and social media has revolutionized every aspect our daily activities. These days, people can do virtually everything from the internet using their laptop PC or mobile devices, including shopping, dating, gossiping, meeting, business and a whole lot of other activities.

web design low capital

Like no other time in history, almost every organization including individuals seeks global presence and one of the ways to achieve this is through websites. Though there are many website designers, few are able to deliver professional and functional sites.

Interestingly, venturing into this business only demands a laptop or desktop pc and the skill. With less than One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000), you can procure a laptop and dive straight into the business.


photography low capital

Photography is also another interesting business that doesn’t require huge capital. Though setting up a standard photo studio is very expensive, running into millions of Naira, but am a strong believer that you can grow your business to any level you want.

All you need to venture into this business is the skill. I know some people that didn’t undergo any apprentice or education on photography. They just ventured into the business. They were able to learn through trials and errors.

I wouldn’t recommend you to take on the road of trial and error. Instead, you can simply look for a good photographer you can work for as an apprentice. Within a few months, you will learn enough and take off (if you are smart enough).

The interesting thing about photography is that you don’t even need to buy cameras as you can rent cameras.


A building project cannot be complete without painting. Almost everywhere in Nigeria, you will find one or more building projects going on. These days, builders and landlords seeks modern and sophisticated paintings for their buildings.

Many people claim to be painters, but a few are really good in what they claim to do. These few are those that have distinguished themselves from the rest by taking time to learn painting as a trade and art. You can as well do the same.

Interestingly, painting does not demand expensive equipment or tools. As a starter, you need tools like brushes, lather, chisels and few other inexpensive tools.

Lather is the only expensive tool needed, but it’s not compulsory you own one, as you can hire them at a cheap rate.

Event Decoration

decoration low capital

Event Decoration is almost a prerequisite for most events in our society today. Be it wedding, traditional marriage, conference, birthday party, decoration is needed. Decoration adds colour to events. It is hard for an event to take place, without the venue being decorated.

Apart from the fact that this business is lucrative, it requires little capital to set up. As long as you have good sense of aesthetics and what the different demands of different events, you will succeed.

Gift Bag

Gift bags have gained widespread use in most events like weddings, traditional marriage, birthday parties, for handling of gift items or souvenirs from celebrants to attendees. These days, celebrants want customized gift bags, with their pictures and names, conspicuously embedded on them.

Apart from use for handling of gift item, some people opt for it because every other celebrant are using it. It has become a trend and at the same time a huge opportunity for people with the business of making them.

Like the other businesses I mentioned earlier, it requires little capital or no capital. Venturing into this kind of business only requires skill. Basically, making a gift bag involved graphic design, printing (through printing press or Direct Imaging), lamination and then folding of the printed papers into bags using glue.

Graphic design and printing can be sublet to printers, thus, doesn’t really require you to be a printer.


Laundry is another business that requires little or no capital to venture into. As long as you know how to wash and iron clothes properly, then you are good to go.

Starting up this business basically requires you to have a washing machine (optional), electric iron, detergent/soap, bleaching agents, sealing machine (though you can use electric iron for sealing) and a desk for ironing. You don’t necessarily need to own a shop to venture into this business. This is a business you can comfortably do at home. As long as you are giving your customers good services, they will be bringing clothes to you. Besides, you can as well go to their homes, collect their clothes, wash them and return them.

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