Welcome to FlairAfrik, a blogging community that celebrates the best that Africa has to offer in the areas of Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship in order to foster development and economic prosperity across the continent.
It is being managed by a team of journalists, business consultants/analysts and IT professionals, and together we strive to provide original contents that you can rely on to become the best you could be in any area of business you choose to venture.

This blog was initially founded to be a news blogging platform, where we post and analyze latest news across Africa and the world. For three months, we were doing just that, but weren’t making the anticipated impact. A lot of factors were responsible for this, but on the top of the list was that we were not motivated enough as the team lacked passion for blogging news.
As a team with drive to contribute positively to our society, we decided to take an inventory on our strengths and weaknesses in order for us to arrive at what we could do best. After series of brainstorming and self-assessment, we were excited as we arrived at a niche which we are all passionate and excited to blog about. Hence, FlairAfrik will be blogging on business, finance and entrepreneurship.


Our blog features interviews, insights, motivational/tips analysis and trends on African businesses and the entrepreneurs that makes it possible. We intend to be posting original contents, that are well researched and written in plain and easy to understand language that will add value to our readers.
We will be publishing at least a post every week and you are welcomed to post as a guest in any area that you feel might be of value to our readers.
We encourage you to always visit our website, FlairAfrik and do feel free to contact us for more information. Please consider subscribing and engaging in discussions around our posts.