leadership traits

Leadership is one of the most discussed topic in our society, yet there are so many misconceptions about it. A lot of people have a predisposition that leadership is exclusively reserved for those at top government positions or big corporations.

For some people, you cannot be a leader except if you are at the top of your career or in management position. But, this is a very wrong perception about leadership. The truth is that you can be a leader wherever you find yourself, in your home, place of work, community and so on. We all possess leadership traits in one way or the other. What is left for us is to unleash it in our everyday lives. You don’t have to be a politician or a CEO in order to be a leader.

Leadership is about influence

leadership traits

To a great extent, leadership is about influence. If you cannot be able to get people around you together to achieve a common goal, then you are not a leader. Don’t get it twisted. Leadership is not about coercing or compelling people to do whatever you so desire. It’s getting people excited, motivated and willing to go to the extra mile to achieve your mutual interests. It’s about winning peoples trust, respect and loyalty.

A leader understands the tasks at hand very well. He knows his strengths and weaknesses as well as those of the members of his team. He knows what they can do and cannot do. To achieve the set goals, he assigns responsibilities to them each according to their abilities. He knows when to push or withdraw. He speaks and understand their language, guiding, mentoring, supervising, motivating and controlling at the same time. In order words, you cannot be a good leader if you cannot be able to bring out the best from people.

Leadership is needed everywhere and as such, possessing leadership skills is the key to achieving a functional society. More than ever, it is needed in business settings.

To be able to effectively run your business, you need be think and act like a leader. Off course, there are so many things that make up a great leader, but I will be sharing with you three traits that I found in so many great entrepreneurs.

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Leadership starts from self and great entrepreneurs understands it very well. They are very effective at managing themselves. They usually set very high targets for themselves and ensure that they meet up with the targets. Leaders don’t wait to be told what to do or reminded.

The irony of life is that some people simply want to lead others when they can’t even lead themselves. They set targets for themselves and consistently fail to meet such targets. Yet, they get so bitter and disappointed when others fail them.

The first step to take in becoming a leader is from your very self. Every day is an opportunity to practice leadership, especially on yourself. If you succeed in this area, it would be pretty easy to carry it forward onto others.

Great entrepreneurs do the tough job

We are in a world where no one wants to do the difficult job. Everyone wants it easy and simple. They don’t want to go out of their comfort zones in order to do what is necessary. However, in the business world, things can get really rough and to thrive, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Great entrepreneurs are every ready to do whatsoever is necessary to achieve their goals, no matter how challenging it is. They are not afraid of hard work. They are driven by results, and are not deterred by work, no matter how hard it might be. Leaders do those work that many are afraid to do.

In as much as I don’t advise you to do they work you employed people to do, however, there are cases whereby no other person but you can do the job.

Commitment to excellence

To be an effective leader, you must be committed to excellence. Mediocrity is not acceptable. You don’t just do things to fulfill all righteousness. You do things because it is the right thing to do. Great entrepreneurs not only set high standards for themselves, but also for those around them.

They are always consistent in all that they do. Instead of retrogressing, they are always finding ways to become better. They are not distracted by their past successes, instead, they want to surpass their past achievements. To become a great leader, you must be committed to excellence.

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