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Leveraging Customers Emotions to Drive Sales

Business exists not just to make profits, but to provide the needs of the customers in the best possible way and at the same time benefit in the process. They provide these needs in form of products or services. In order words, businesses exist to find or discover peoples’ needs
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Driving an Emotional Connection

Have you ever purchased a product that you don’t really have need for, maybe because the sales person treated you nicely, pumped up your ego or lavished compliments on you? You were certain that you don’t have any need for that product, yet, you found yourself buying it. It’s very
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Why trust is important in social media

Social media is about social interactions among people via digital platforms. In order words, it revolves around relationships with people, perhaps, people you may have never seen or meet in real life. Like every other kind of relationships, trust is needed not only to sustain the relationship, but to make